Government Contracts Attorney Services

Do you need a government contracts attorney?  When it comes to federal government contracts, your small business faces unique legal challenges.  Petefish, Immel, Heeb & Hird, LLP’s government contracts attorneys can help.

Petefish’s government contracts attorneys have the experience and know-how to guide you through the regulatory maze and ensure that your small business gets a fair shake in the federal marketplace.  And because we know that your small business cannot afford to ignore the bottom line, Petefish’s government contracts attorney services are provided at fair and reasonable rates–significantly lower than the rates of many government contracts attorneys based in the Washington, DC area.

Government Contracts Attorney Services For Small Businesses

Petefish provides a wide variety of high-quality and cost-efficient government contracts attorney services to small government contractors.  Petefish’s government contracts attorneys can assist your small business in nearly all aspects of federal government contracting, including:

Government Contracts Attorney Services By the Book

With Petefish, you know that your government contracts lawyer has a deep understanding of the rules and regulations, because he wrote the book on it.  Petefish partner Steven Koprince, who heads the firm’s government contracts practice, is the author of The Small-Business Guide to Government Contracts, a reader-friendly compliance guide to many of the most important rules and regulations small government contractors must follow.

Covering key rules from SBA affiliation to subcontracting, from the Service Contract Act to the 8(a) Program, The Small-Business Guide to Government Contracts has been called “the definitive guide to everything any business needs to know about small biz compliance” by government marketing guru Mark Amtower, a “must read” by former SBA District Director Charles Gaston, and an “essential” reference by Guy Timberlake, CEO of the American Small Business Coalition.

Heartland Value, Heartland Values

Think your government contracts attorney must be located in Washington, DC?  Think again.  Most government contracts attorney services do not require a Washington location.  Petefish represents government contractors across the country, and our home outside Kansas City allows Petefish to offer great value by avoiding high DC overhead, while passing the savings along to our clients.

Petefish’s government contracts attorney services combine inside-the-Beltway government contracts experience with client services rooted in our location in America’s Heartland.  With Petefish, you get the know-how of a Washington insider with more than a touch of Midwestern friendliness–both for you, and your small business’s bottom line.

We also think that our Midwestern location reflects a little more about us.  Petefish believes in Heartland service and values: hard work, fair play, and a dedication to achieving great things for our clients.  But we never forget that many of the most important things in life are found outside the office.

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