Organizational Conflict of Interest Training

Organizational Conflict of Interest training can help you and your employees identify, avoid, and mitigate OCI issues when bidding upon and performing federal government contracts and subcontracts.

Avoiding OCIs is essential to succeeding as a government contractor. In addition, a documented record of thorough OCI training can help demonstrate that your company takes organizational conflict of interest issues seriously, helping mitigate procuring agencies’ OCI concerns.

If your company is looking for Organizational Conflict of Interest training, Koprince McCall Pottroff LLC can help.

Organizational Conflict of Interest Training Services

Koprince McCall Pottroff can provide your company with complete OCI training and OCI mitigation plan services, including:

  • Training on the FAR organizational conflict of interest rules under FAR Subpart 9.5
  • Descriptions of the three main types of organizational conflicts of interest under the FAR, and how to identify them
  • Information about how the federal courts and the GAO interpret the FAR’s organizational conflict of interest rules
  • Training on OCI mitigation best practices, such as firewalls and non-disclosure agreements
  • Preparation of formal OCI mitigation plans to respond to specific agency organizational conflict of interest concerns
  • Preparation of non-disclosure agreements to restrict the flow of information to or from affected employees
  • Information about flowing-down OCI information and OCI mitigation plans to subcontractors and consultants
  • Much more

Get Started with Organizational Conflict of Interest Training

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