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Koprince Law LLC GovCon Handbooks Volume 4: The 8(a) Program

The 8(a) Business Development Program offers extraordinary benefits to disadvantaged small businesses, including set-aside and sole source government contracts. But the 8(a) Program’s rules are complex, and business owners can grow frustrated trying to understand and comply with them.

In this GovCon Handbook, Steven Koprince and Nicole Pottroff demystify the 8(a) Program. Written in plain English and packed with easy-to-understand examples, this GovCon Handbook will help 8(a) applicants and participants take full advantage of the 8(a) Program.

Available in paperback and on Kindle


Koprince Law LLC GovCon Handbooks Volume 5: Procedures and Pitfalls of Size Protests and Appeals

An adverse size protest determination and an unsuccessful appeal can make or break a small business that is competing for federal contracts restricted to small businesses. Not only can it result in losing a contract award, but a business found other than small cannot compete for future small business contracts until it has been recertified as small.

In this GovCon Handbook, government contracts attorney Shane McCall explains how to prepare for size protests and appeals. Written in plain language without legal jargon, the many examples will help contractors learn the basic and advanced strategies for a company to work through the size protest and appeal processes.

Available in paperback and on Kindle


The Small Business Guide to Government Contracts

BookFederal government contracts are both the lifeblood of hundreds of thousands of small businesses and a quagmire of red tape. One misstep can result in cancelled contracts, suspension and debarment from government contracting, hefty fines–even jail time. If your small business contracts with the government, you cannot afford not to know the rules.  Written by SmallGovCon author Steven Koprince, The Small-Business Guide to Government Contracts explains the key rules you must follow to keep in Uncle Sam’s good graces and avoid harsh penalties.

Find out why industry leaders are calling The Small-Business Guide to Government Contracts a “definitive guide” to small business compliance and a “must read” for small government contractors. To learn more, visit The Small-Business Guide to Government Contracts website, or order the book on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.