Don’t Forget the Attachments: A Quick Reminder from SBA’s OHA

Did you remember to staple the cover sheet to your TPS report? And, more importantly, if you recently filed a CVE Appeal with the Small Business Administration’s Office of Hearings and Appeals, did you remember to attach a copy of your CVE denial or cancellation?

In OHA’s recent, and very short, decision, Joy Corporation, SBA No. CVE-155-A (Aug. 13, 2020), it reminded appellants that failure to do so will result in almost instant dismissal. To ensure you avoid this fate, read on.

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VA Seeks Public Comment on SDVOSB Verification Rules

The VA is seeking public comment on its VOSB and SDVOSB verification regulations in an effort to “improve the regulations to provide greater clarity, to streamline the program, and to encourage more VOSBs to apply for verification.”

As part of the public comment process, the VA is inviting the public to weigh in on previously-suggested changes, as well as answer specific questions about ways the VA might improve its verification rules.

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VA CVE Reverses Course on Ownership Transfers, Offers Expedited Reconsideration

Reacting to a February federal court decision, the VA’s Center for Veterans Enterprise has reversed its position on provisions restricting the rights of service-disabled veterans to transfer their ownership interests in their service-disabled veteran-owned small businesses.

Previously, the VA CVE had taken the position that any restriction on a service-disabled veteran’s right to transfer his or her interest in the company was improper.  Because such transfer restrictions are commonplace, many otherwise-eligible SDVOSBs had their verification applications denied.

No more.  In a newsletter to SDVOSBs issued yesterday, the VA CVE stated that it would no longer deny verification based on certain ownership transfer restrictions–and offered an expedited reconsideration process to companies previously denied on this basis.

The VA CVE’s position is welcome news, but doesn’t mean that most SDVOSBs should rush to include transfer restrictions in their bylaws or operating agreements, because the SBA may not agree with the VA CVE’s change of heart.

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VA CVE: SDVOSB Reconsiderations Taking 128 Days

Did your company file a request for reconsideration of a VA CVE SDVOSB verification denial?  If so, be prepared to wait awhile–approximately 128 days, according to a recent VA CVE email.

The email, which was sent to a number of SDVOSBs and VOSBs (and kindly shared with me) indicates that the VA CVE is currently processing approximately 300 requests for reconsideration.  As a result, the VA CVE says, the time frame to process a request for reconsideration is now more than double the regulatory goal of 60 days.

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VA CVE Announces “Pre-Determination Findings” To Improve SDVOSB Verification

The VA Center for Veterans Enterprise will soon begin giving some applicants the opportunity to correct problems with their SDVOSB verification applications before denying their applications.

In a letter sent yesterday to a number of SDVOSB advocates, VA OSDBU Executive Director Thomas Leney announced that the VA CVE’s new “pre-determination findings” program will launch on May 1, 2013.  If the new program works as intended, it could significantly reduce the number of SDVOSBs requesting reconsideration, lead to quicker verifications, and reduce the backlog of verification applications.

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VA CVE Verification: Federal Court Rules Veteran Can “Control” SDVOSB Remotely

In an important decision impacting many SDVOSB verification applicants, the U.S. Court of Federal Claims has held that the VA’s SDVOSB regulations did not prevent a service-disabled veteran from controlling his company remotely.

In KWV, Inc. v. United States, No. 12-882C (2013), the Court held that a veteran could control his Rhode Island-based construction company by electronic means, even though the veteran spent half of the year residing in Florida.

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VA SDVOSB Reconsideration Success Rate At 48%–And Other Highlights From The GAO SDVOSB Report

VA SDVOSB reconsideration requests were approved in 48% of cases resulting in a decision, according to a GAO report released on Monday.

In the lengthy report, which weighs in at 63 pages, the GAO broadly concludes that the VA CVE has made progress when it comes to the verification of SDVOSBs, but has a ways to go in order for the SDVOSB verification process to be quick, effecient and effective.

This broad conclusion is not in the least bit surprising to anyone who has followed the evolution of the VA SDVOSB verification program.  However, the report is also packed with a great deal of interesting information about SDVOSB verification at the VA–including statistics on applications, reconsideration success rates, and more.

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