Introducing SmallGovCon Guest Perspectives

As we begin a new year with important legal ramifications for small businesses, I am pleased to introduce a new SmallGovCon series offering viewpoints on those legal issues from thought leaders throughout the government contracting community.

The new feature, Guest Perspectives, kicks off today with a guest post by Kevin J. Allis, the director of the Native American Contractors Association.  The post, titled “Section 811 Stifles Native American Growth,” is well worth a read.

If you are interested in the possibility of contributing to Guest Perspectives, please contact me.

Guest Perspective: Section 811 Stifles Native American Economic Growth

By Kevin J. Allis

While an eleventh hour agreement avoided the “fiscal cliff,” it did not fully resolve potential spending cuts.  The agreement delayed the sequester, but its impacts are still being felt by contractors, particularly by small businesses.  These entities are at the end of the planning process, and delaying a resolution only prolongs uncertainty.

For Native contractors, there is little to be happy about, and much that raises significant concerns.  The consequences of the uncertainty in the federal contracting environment caused by the still looming possibility of sequestration, coupled with the enormously harmful effects of Section 811 of the National Defense Authorization Act for FY2010 (“NDAA”), are painting a potentially very dreary picture for these companies and the communities they serve.

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