VA Issues Post-Kingdomware Acquisition Guidance

The VA has released an Acquisition Policy Flash providing guidance to VA Contracting Officers on implementing the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Kingdomware Technologies, Inc. v. United States.

The Policy Flash suggests that the VA is, in fact, moving quickly to implement the Kingdomware decision–and if that’s the case, it is good news for SDVOSBs and VOSBs.

The Policy Flash begins by reiterating the Supreme Court’s major holdings: namely, that the Rule of Two applies to orders placed under the GSA Schedule, and applies even when the VA is meeting its SDVOSB and VOSB contracting goals.  The Policy Flash states that the VA “will implement the Supreme Court’s ruling in every context where the law applies.”

As a general matter, the Policy Flash instructs Contracting Officers to conduct robust market research to ensure compliance with the Rule of Two.  The Policy Flash continues:

If market research clearly demonstrates that offers are likely to be received from two or more qualified, capable and verified SDVOSBs or VOSBs and award will be made at a fair and reasonable price, the Rule of Two applies and the action should be appropriately set-aside in the contracting order of priority set forth in VAAR 819.7004.  Contracting officers shall also ensure SDVOSBs or VOSBs have been verified in VIP before evaluating any offers or making awards on an SDVOSB or VOSB set-aside.  Supporting documentation must be maintained in the contract file in the Electronic Contract Management System (eCMS).

With respect to acquisitions currently in the presolicitation phase, Contracting Officers are to continue with existing SDVOSB and VOSB set-asides.  However, “[i]f the original acquisition strategy was not to set-aside the acquisition to SDVOSBs or VOSBs, a review of the original market research should be accomplished to confirm whether or not the ‘Rule of Two’ was appropriately considered . . ..”  If a review finds that the Rule of Two is met, “the action shall be set-aside for SDVOSBs or VOSBs, in accordance with the contracting order of priority set forth in VAAR 819.7004.”

Perhaps most intriguingly, the VA is instructing Contracting Officers to apply the Kingdomware decision to requirements that are in the solicitation or evaluation phase.  For these requirements, “[a] review of the original market research and VA Form 2268 shall be accomplished to confirm whether or not the ‘Rule of Two’ was appropriately considered . . ..”  If this review finds that there are two or more SDVOSBs or VOSBs, “an amendment should be issued that cancels the solicitation.”  However, the agency can continue with an existing acquisition if there are “urgent and compelling circumstances” and an appropriate written justification is prepared and approved.

The VA apparently will not, however, apply Kingdomware to requirements that have been awarded to non-veteran companies, even where a notice to proceed has not yet been issued.  The Policy Flash states that “Contracting officers shall coordinate with the HCA, OGC and OSDBU and be prepared to proceed with issuing the notice to proceed if issued within 30 days of this guidance.”

Overall, the Policy Flash seems like a positive step for veterans–both in terms of the speed with which it was issued, and in the decision to apply Kingdomware to existing solicitations, except where an award has already been made.