SDVOSB Verification Attorney Services

SDVOSB verification (or “certification”) with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is required in order for your service-disabled veteran-owned small business to be eligible for VA SDVOSB set-aside opportunities.

If you need SDVOSB verification attorney assistance, Koprince Law LL can help your business identify and correct any SDVOSB eligibility problems and submit your verification application to the VA’s Center for Verification and Eligibility.  If your verification application has been denied, Koprince Law can help you reapply or file a request for reconsideration.  And if your SDVOSB has previously been verified, but the VA CVE has proposed cancellation of your status, Koprince Law can help you fight the proposed VA CVE SDVOSB cancellation.

SDVOSB Eligibility Attorney Services

Just because your small business is owned by a service-disabled veteran does not mean that it meets the VA’s rigorous SDVOSB eligibility requirements.  Under the VA’s SDVOSB regulations, service-disabled veterans must unconditionally own and control the company–and “own” and “control” are loaded terms.

Common provisions in corporate bylaws and operating agreements, such as super-majority voting rights, or restrictions on stock transfers, may defeat unconditional ownership and control in the eyes of the VA.  Numerous other pitfalls exist: for instance, in some states, a veteran’s spouse may be automatically deemed to own 50% of the company, which can lead to an ineligibility determination unless the proper paperwork is completed to address the problem.

Don’t take chances when it comes to your SDVOSB eligibility.  Koprince Law can carefully review your corporate documents and structure to help ensure that your company meets the VA SDVOSB eligibility requirements, and help you address any potential eligibility problems–before your VetBiz application is submitted to the VA CVE.

SDVOSB VA VetBiz Application Attorney Services

Submitting a complete and effective VetBiz application through the VA CVE’s VetBiz system can be daunting.  The VA CVE requires a large number of documents–everything from your personal resume to your tax returns to your corporate bylaws–as well as letters of explanation for documents you may not possess.

Koprince Law can help you navigate the VA CVE verification process, helping ensure that the proper documents are submitted in the proper formats, and creating appropriate explanatory letters for those documents you do not possess.

SDVOSB VA CVE Request for Reconsideration Attorney Services

If the VA CVE finds problems with your VA VetBiz application, you have the opportunity to withdraw your application and reapply, or file a request for reconsideration.

If you need attorney assistance with a VA CVE re-application or request for reconsideration, Koprince Law can help. Koprince Law will work with you to address and correct the matters identified in the VA CVE’s denial letter, including, if necessary, amending bylaws and shareholders’ agreements to reflect unconditional ownership and control by service-disabled veterans.  And, if the VA CVE made a legal mistake processing your application, Koprince Law can help you explain where the VA CVE went wrong.

SDVOSB VA CVE Cancellation Attorney Services

If the VA CVE believes that your previously-verified SDVOSB is no longer eligible (or never should have been verified in the first place), it may propose cancellation of your SDVOSB certification.  Typically, the VA CVE will give you 30 days to respond with evidence showing why your VA SDVOSB status should not be cancelled.

If you need attorney assistance responding to a SDVOSB VA CVE cancellation notice, Koprince Law can help.  Koprince Law will work with you to address and correct the matters identified in the VA CVE’s cancellation letter, or help you explain why the VA CVE’s cancellation decision was improper.

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