New GovCon Handbook Coming Soon! Procedures and Pitfalls of Size Protests and Appeals

I’m pleased to announce that volume 5 of the “Koprince Law LLC GovCon Handbooks” series will be published soon! This GovCon Handbook, entitled Procedures and Pitfalls of Size Protests and Appeals, will be published through Amazon. Check the rest of this post for additional details.

What should a business do when it is facing an SBA small business size protest and is under the gun? On the other hand, how should a company prepare a well-written size protest that will make the most impact on the SBA?

After the SBA area office enters a size determination, what are the next steps if a party wants to file an appeal? And how does a business respond to a size appeal?

If your company has ever asked these questions, or might in the future, Procedures and Pitfalls of Size Protests and Appeals will be a great resource! Because the stakes are high, it’s important to have all the information up front when dealing with a size protest or an appeal.

Written in plain English with easy-to-follow examples and practical tips based on years of experience, this GovCon Handbook will be available soon on Amazon in paperback and kindle.

Stay tuned to the blog as well as our social media channels for more details on this GovCon Handbook!

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