Client Spotlight: Active Deployment Systems Gives Back To Those Impacted By COVID-19

For many people—and for businesses all across the country—the news over the past month or two has been bleak. Even for those lucky enough to stay healthy, COVID-19 has caused significant financial pain, as business disruptions have led to unemployment numbers rivaling those seen during the Great Depression.

To be sure, there are rays of sunshine poking through the storm clouds. The federal government has tried to get financial support to small businesses coping with economic uncertainty. And we’ve heard incredible stories of people helping their neighbors in need.

These feel-good stories truly are inspiring. That’s why, when I heard of one client’s effort to give back to their community, I felt compelled to share it.

Active Deployment Systems is a Texas-based supplier and servicer of mobile hygiene equipment: things like mobile hand-washing stations, shower trailers, and mobile laundry facilities. Historically, Active Deployment has worked closely with the military to support field exercises, but its unique equipment offerings mean that it can also lend a hand during disasters.

The COVID-19-related need for increased medical facility capacity and mobilization of emergency workers means that Active Deployment’s equipment and services are needed more than ever. So, while some businesses have shut down, Active Deployment’s employees have been working overtime to keep up with the nationwide demand.

With this increased work (and resulting compensation), Active Deployment’s owner, Simon Elliott, thought of ways to give back to his community. He came up with a unique—albeit straightforward—idea for doing so: if his employees donate their government stimulus checks to someone in need, Active Deployment will match those funds to donate to another person or family of the employee’s choosing. In other words, Active Deployment is helping to put thousands of dollars more into the pockets of people impacted by COVID-19.

“We certainly don’t require any of our employees to donate their stimulus checks,” Simon told me recently. “But if they see someone in need, we wanted to recognize them for their generosity. And the response from our employees has been awesome.”

“I’m so proud of my team,” he said.

We are too, Simon.

This struck me as such a simple (and cool!) example of people helping their neighbors that I felt compelled to share. And Active Deployment isn’t alone in trying to help its community: we recently highlighted Penn Parking’s efforts to make personal protective equipment for healthcare professionals and we know other businesses are out there making a difference, too.

We’re so blessed to work with small business leaders who strive to make their communities a better place. If you have news you’d like to share, we’d love to hear it (and, hopefully, feature you on SmallGovCon, too).

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