PTAC Spotlight: Kansas PTAC Helped Small Businesses Land 400+ Contracts Since 2013

Since its inception at Wichita State University on February 1, 2013, the Kansas PTAC has helped Kansas small businesses obtain 433 contract awards worth over $32 million.  These successes should come as no surprise, because the Kansas PTAC is staffed by highly-experienced procurement professionals, who have played key leadership roles in APTAC, the national PTAC organization.

The Kansas PTAC partners with Johnson County Community College, the city of Wichita, and Pittsburg State University.  Three procurement counselors work from the Kansas PTAC’s Wichita headquarters.  Terri Bennett, the Program Manager/Director, leads the Kansas PTAC.  Terri is a former APTAC president and currently APTAC’s Region 7 Director.  Scott Knapp is the Kansas PTAC’s Deputy Director.  Before moving to Wichita, Scott worked closely with government contractors as part of the Nebraska Small Business Development Center.  Lisa Haggard rounds out the Wichita procurement counseling team.  Lisa is well-versed in small business administration and management (and holds a MBA).

The Kansas PTAC’s strong relationship with Wichita State University has been a key component of its success.  “WSU is highly oriented and motivated in providing economic development services to Kansas businesses, as evidenced by its creation of an Innovation Campus,” says Terri Bennett.  “It is such a pleasure to work with everyone at WSU, because they understand the importance of providing economic development services to businesses in Kansas.”

The Kansas PTAC also operates a subcenter in Overland Park, through a partnership with Johnson County Community College.  Jason Porch is the Kansas City Area Subcenter Director.  Jason currently serves as APTAC’s national President.

In addition, the PTAC has a subcenter with the city of Wichita at City Hall.  Chris Haislett is a part-time counselor at this location.  He has worked with a PTAC since 2010, and he is the contract compliance officer for the city of Wichita.

“Although the Kansas PTAC just started with Wichita State University in 2013, we have a team comprised of people that have worked for various PTACs for years,” Terri Bennett says.  “They have all gone above and beyond in providing services to Kansas businesses to enable the businesses to obtain government contracting dollars.”

The Kansas PTAC offers its services through a mixture of one-on-one counseling, site visits, and educational seminars.  Recent seminars included “Competing for Government Contracts: Basic Training,” “The Ins and Outs of Joint Ventures and Teaming Agreements,” and “How to Stand Out in a Competitive Marketplace.”  On November 4, the Kansas PTAC will provide a seminar on “Reading and Responding to a Proposal.”  More information on this event can be found on the Kansas PTAC’s website.

Best of all for Kansas small businesses, the Kansas PTAC offers most of its services for free.  To register as a Kansas PTAC client, simply fill out the electronic Intent to Receive PTAC Client Services form on the Kansas PTAC’s website.  The Kansas PTAC can also be reached by telephone at (316) 978-6788 or by email at

Kansas government contractors are fortunate to have such a talented group of procurement and business professionals available to assist them.  But if you are not located in Kansas, another PTAC likely provides similar services in your area.  Visit the APTAC website to locate your PTAC.

PTAC Spotlight is a monthly feature in SmallGovCon.  If you would like your PTAC to be considered for an upcoming spotlight, please contact us.

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