Vindai Corporation: Stealing Our SmallGovCon Posts

I suppose it was bound to happen to us, just like it happens to bloggers everywhere: someone is stealing our SmallGovCon blog posts and republishing them as their own, without our permission (and without any attribution).

I was very upset and angered to discover today that a company called Vindai Corporation is publishing all of our SmallGovCon posts on its own website.  Vindai not only lacks permission to republish our work, but is posting our work without any author attributions–which makes it look as though Vindai itself has authored all of these SmallGovCon posts.  Whoever is responsible for Vindai’s website is either very negligent or very sleazy.  Or maybe both.

I have demanded that Vindai immediately remove our work from its website.  In the meantime, Vindai, if you’re reading this (and I’m sure you are, since you’ve been busy stealing the rest of our posts): you have my express permission to republish this post only on your website.  I’m sure your readers will find it informative.

2 thoughts on “Vindai Corporation: Stealing Our SmallGovCon Posts

  1. Steve,

    This has happened to me in the past too. I actually had a competitor steal my content and also images from my website. They initially denied it however my images, which I purchased to be used on my website, have hidden watermarks embedded in them which proved that the images they copied belonged to me. Once I brought this to their attention they immediately removed the content and images and stated that their web developer did it. I use Copyscape to scour the internet now to see if anyone else is stealing my site content or images.

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