GAO Won’t Resolve Alleged Corporate Espionage Dispute

In a recent GAO bid protest, IBM Corp. accused a subcontractor of giving its proposal to a competitor.

GAO dismissed the accusation, explaining that at its core, alleged corporate espionage is a disagreement between two parties, not a contractor and the federal government and therefore not an appropriate matter for resolution in a bid protest.

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Alleged Breach Of Teaming Agreement Not A Procurement Integrity Act Violation, Says GAO

A contractor’s alleged breach of its teaming agreement did not provide a basis for the agency to conclude that a Procurement Integrity Act violation had occurred.

According to a recent GAO bid protest decision, even if a teammate misuse voluntarily provided confidential information, the misuse does not violate the Procurement Integrity Act.  Moreover, the GAO considers an allegation regarding the breach of a teaming agreement to be a private dispute, falling outside of the GAO’s bid protest jurisdiction.

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