SmallGovCon Featured on Legally Contented Podcast

If you are in to podcasts, law firm blogs, or legal marketing, check out my appearance on the Legally Contented podcast with Wayne Pollock. Here is the YouTube version, and below are links to the audio podcast on your format of choice. In this podcast, we discuss how blogging can make attorneys better attorneys balancing breaking news-type blog posts with substantive blog posts–and lots more. It was a great experience discussing SmallGovCon with Wayne. Hope you enjoy it.

Coming Soon: The SmallsCast Podcast

We invite you to tune into this informative podcast series hosted by The Smalls with discussions on federal government contracting. I just taped an episode with Nate Moser and it was a blast! In it, I discussed what we do at the firm to assist our federal government contracting clients, including things like drafting joint venture and mentor-protégé agreements. The podcast comes out in June and I hope you will give it a listen.

The Smalls is nonprofit consortium of Government Contractors, Service Providers, and Manufacturers in Colorado.  This weekly podcast is designed for Small Government Contractors, Service Providers, and Manufacturers, as part of the Government Contractor Ecosystem, connecting people, organizations, and resources. Here is the podcast link. I encourage you to check them out.

We’ll let you know when the podcast and video is released!