Pass/Fail Past Performance Evaluation: No Comparison Required

Where a solicitation contemplated a “pass/fail” evaluation of past performance, and stated that an offeror without relevant past performance would nonetheless be rated “Acceptable,” there was no basis for the agency to compare the relative quality or amount of offerors’ past performance.

In a recent bid protest decision, the GAO held that the procuring agency properly refused to give the protester credit for its allegedly superior past performance because the pass/fail evaluation scheme did not allow for such a comparative evaluation.

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Agency to Offerors: Show Us Your Subcontracts

Small government contractors sometimes rely on subcontractors to help satisfy experience, certification, past performance, and other solicitation requirements.  But if one recent GAO bid protest decision is an indication of things to come, procuring agencies may begin requiring more information up front about major subcontractors–including a copy of the final subcontract agreement itself.

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