Clarity is Key: An Example of Why Clear Language is Important for Showing SDVOSB Control

While SBA has taken over SDVOSB certification from the VA (along with some other rule changes), some things remain the same. One thing which we think will never change, is that making sure the language in your agreements is clear, is vital for the federal contractor (and indeed all businesses). While this is obvious for things like operating agreements and bylaws, documentation like meeting minutes should be clear as well. In a recent appeal of a denial of SDVOSB certification, a company had to go through what must have been a frustrating ordeal that might have been prevented with just a little extra language in the meeting minutes, only to have to deal with further frustration due to a couple of details.

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Government-Wide SDVOSB Certification: More Details on New Bill

I’ve long predicted that Congress would eventually adopt a formal, Government-wide SDVOSB certification program (or “verification” program, if you prefer).  Maybe my crystal ball is finally right.  As we wrote last week, a new bill introduced in the House of Representatives would do just that.

The full text of the bill has now been published.  Here are some of the key details of the Government-wide SDVOSB certification proposal.

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