SBA: Most Construction Size Standards Should Remain As-Is

The SBA has released its proposed size standard changes under NAICS Sector 23, which covers the construction industry.  The bottom line: if you were hoping for a SBA size standard increase, chances are, you’ll have to hope that the SBA changes its mind between now and the issuance of the final rule.

The SBA proposed only two increases in Sector 23: NAICS code 237210 (Land Subdivision) would jump from a $7 million size standard to a $25.5 million size standard, and NAICS code 237990 (Dredging and Surface Cleanup Activities) would increase from $20 million to $30 million.  The remaining NAICS codes under Sector 23 would retain their current size standards.

The SBA is accepting comments on the proposed Sector 23 size standard rule through September 17.

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