CIO-SP4: Large Mentors Now Get More Credit

I wrote earlier about the restriction on the number of experience examples a large business mentor can provide. Well, NITAAC has listened! OK, they probably weren’t listening directly to me, but let me have this one, alright. CIO-SP4 has been amended to allow large business mentors to contribute two examples of corporate experience per task area.

The Chief Information Officer – Solutions and Partners 4 (CIO-SP4) Solicitation includes specific language relating to mentors that was recently amended in section L.5.2.1. Section L.5.2.1 used to state in relevant part that “for mentor-protégé arrangements, large business is limited to one example for each task area.”

NITAAC has amended the language. It now states: “However, for mentor-protégé arrangements, large business is limited to two examples for each task area.”

While this still limits the total experience a large-business mentor can provide, it doubles the total amount of examples from the prior version of the solicitation. Good on NITAAC for addressing this concern. It provides a much better benefit for those small businesses that are part of a mentor-protégé agreement with a large business.