SmallGovCon Weeks in Review: April 9 – 20, 2018

I was enjoying a day off last Friday, so we have a lot of catching up to do on government contracting news and notes.  It’s time for a special two-week super-sized edition of the SmallGovCon Week in Review.

In this edition, the GAO looks at NASA’s investigations of contractor whistleblowing complaints, the SBA announces nine new Women’s Business Centers, the Coast Guard sinks $60 million into an electronic health record system procurement with nothing to show for it,  70,000 contractors must provide notarized letters in the wake of a “SAM scam” and much more.

  • NASA contractor employees are legally protected for whistleblowing, but is the agency timely investigating reprisal complaints? []
  • The SBA announced the addition of nine new Women’s Business Centers to help women entrepreneurs. []  (Great news, but when is that elusive WOSB certification program coming?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?)
  • The Coast Guard will adopt the same commercial Electronic Health Records system as DoD. []
  • HUD invites comments on a proposed rule to amend HUD Acquisition Regulation. []
  • The owner of transportation company that contracted with State Department sentenced to 14 months for stealing federal funds. []
  • After a “SAM scam” resulted in some contractors’ bank information being changed, 70,000 contractors must get notarized letters to continue working for the government. []
  • The DOJ has announced nine companies as the apparent winners of the SDVOSB track of the major ITSS-5 contract. []
  • The owner of a private school has pleaded guilty in a VA bribery and kickback scheme. []
  • In a final rule, VA amends six VAAR clauses and removes one duplicate clause. []
  • SDVOSB and SDB fraud: three defendants have pleaded guilty to a long-term scheme. []
  • NAICS is just part of it: Guy Timberlake breaks down how the government uses PSC codes–and why it matters to contractors. []
  • One commentator offers tops on how contractors can take proactive steps now to benefit from $1.2 trillion fiscal 2018 funding package. []
  • The Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee is pushing to implement many of the Section 809 Panel’s acquisition reform recommendations. [Federal News Radio]

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