SmallGovCon Week In Review: September 21-25, 2015

With a potential government shutdown looming, this week’s top news stories focus on the effects that a shutdown may have on government contractors. But the shutdown isn’t the only government contracting news out there. This week’s SmallGovCon Week In Review also includes stories on the government’s new minimum wage and sick leave policies, among others.

  • While much of the attention to a possible shutdown has been focused on the hundreds of thousands of federal workers who would likely be affected, there would also be a major impact on the contractors who often work alongside their government counterparts. [Washington Post]
  • With the Oct. 1 deadline to pass a budget that funds the government being less than a week away it’s important to bear in mind the high cost a shutdown will have on government contractors, their employees and the services they provide. [FCW]
  • One of the biggest questions is whether a contractor can continue to work if Congress fails to pass a budget or continuing resolutions by midnight on Sept. 30. [Washington Technology]
  • Be prepared for a government shutdown with these 5 ideas. [Federal News Radio]
  • A new minimum wage for employees of federal contractors will be increased effective January 1, 2016. What contracts are covered? []
  • The new executive order aimed at government contractors paying sick leave becomes yet another case of well-intentioned policy-making run amok. [Government Executive]
  • Should your focus be on “knocking it out of the park” or cashing in on base hits? Guy Timberlake puts a baseball spin on government contracting. [GovConChannel]
  • Agency Inspector Generals are struggling to keep up with new demands. [Federal News Radio]

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