SmallGovCon Week In Review: May 4 – May 8, 2020

While we’ve recently enjoyed some sunny spring weather in Lawrence, KS, this week saw the other side of spring: overcast days and rain. While working from home, this means staring out the window at a grey sky. So, while we continue to cope with the effects of COVID-19, it can be comforting to read about the wheels of government continuing to turn.

This week, we saw federal contracting updates in the areas of the DOD shoring up the industrial base, a guilty plea for bribery and a settlement for allegations of SDVOSB fraud, and news that the government continues to buy during the pandemic.

  • DoD to deliver $3B in accelerated contractor payments over coming weeks. [federalnewsnetwork]
  • GSA extends procurement data reports transition due to coronavirus, feedback. [fedscoop]
  • DOD Focuses on Sustaining Industrial Base Through Pandemic. []
  • Pandemics don’t stop the government from doing business. [federalnewsnetwork]
  • Virus Whistle-Blower Says Trump Administration Steered Contracts to Cronies. [nytimes]
  • Government Official and Contracting Executive Plead Guilty to Bribery Conspiracy. []
  • Why do some federal hardware purchases require related services? [federalnewsnetwork]
  • DoD Focuses on Sustaining Industrial Base. [militaryspot]

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