SmallGovCon Week in Review: June 24 – 28, 2019

Lately, my kids have been asking me to “do the honors” when they ask me to do something. At first, I thought this was a cute and very polite way to ask for something. Then I realized they were going to use it for everything. Will you do the honor of getting me some water? Will you do the honor of starting a show for us? It started to get kind of old and make me feel not so honorable. But their intention was good.

So, with that inspiration, will you do the honor of reading this week’s round-up of government contracting news? Interesting stories abound, including some about new cyber security guidance, the safety records of military construction contractors, and the use of “best-in-class” contracts.

  • Amid small-business contracting boom, SBA looks to end self-certification for set-aside programs. [FederalNewsNetwork]
  • Federal study highlights dangers facing military construction contractors. [ConstructionDive]
  • New cyber guidelines out for government contractors. [WashingtonTech]
  • DHS contracting not bound to ‘best in class’. [FCW]
  • With defense contractors in the crosshairs, NIST rolls out new cyber guidelines. [FCW]
  • Federal Government spent $1.7 billion on temporary help services contracts last year, driven by healthcare services. [SIA]

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