SmallGovCon Week in Review: June 17 – 21, 2019

As government contracts attorneys, we find even the mundane aspects of federal contracting law (for example, CAGE codes) pretty interesting and important. But a recent FBI warning detailed in one of the stories from this weeks reminds us all that government contractors are crucial to the safety and well-being of the nation.

As reported in the story, the FBI has warned contractors “about foreign intelligence services using social media accounts to target and recruit employees with US government clearance.” The FBI warns that “US adversary intelligence officers are using popular US-based social media platforms to identify, recruit, and conduct operations against USG clearance holders, to include private sector employees or contractors supporting the USG.” This is a good reminder of the high stakes involved in working for the government.

Read on for this story and other interesting government contracting news, such as updates on a bill for back pay for contractors during the government shutdown, making cyber security an allowable cost, and a hack that exposed thousands of license plate numbers.

  • FBI warning: Foreign spies using social media to target government contractors. [ZDNet]
  • At least 50,000 license plates leaked in hack of border contractor not authorized to retain them. [WRAL]
  • Contractor Back Pay Bill Advances, Administration Seeks Dismissal of Shutdown Compensation Lawsuit and More. [Government Executive]
  • Cleveland aerospace company accused of Pentagon profiteering. []
  • Much Of Our Government Digital Surveillance Is Outsourced To Private Companies. [Forbes]
  • Lost in the din: Good news in the KC-46 tanker program. [FederalNewsNetwork]
  • DOD unveils plans for contractor cybersecurity standards. [Fedscoop]
  • DHS looking to evolve biometrics systems. [Fedscoop]
  • Why DoD’s decision to make cybersecurity an ‘allowable cost’ matters. [FederalNewsNetwork]

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