SmallGovCon Week in Review: July 11-15, 2022

Hello, Blog Readers! We hope you had a productive week. Here at SmallGovCon we have been geeking out to the new images from the James Webb Space Telescope. If you haven’t seen the spectacular images, we encourage you to do so! This photo was captured in infrared light and the image reveals for the first time previously invisible areas of the universe.

“The Webb team’s incredible success is a reflection of what NASA does best. We take dreams and turn them into reality for the benefit of humanity. I can’t wait to see the discoveries that we uncover – the team is just getting started!”, stated NASA Administrator Bill Nelson. You can find more spectacular images from NASA here.

Transitioning from universal news to federal government contacting news, we have included several articles for your reading pleasure including a report about the False Claims settlement for cybersecurity issues that stemmed from a five-year-old whistleblower lawsuit brought by a former employee of the company. Enjoy the weekend and stay cool out there!

  • Aerojet Rocketdyne Agrees to Pay $9 Million to Resolve False Claims Act Allegations of Cybersecurity Violations in Federal Government Contracts [DoJ]
  • Army Eyes RFP for Potential $8B Common Hardware Systems 6th Generation Contract [GovConWire]
  • Defense contractor pays $9m to settle whistleblower’s cybersecurity allegations [The Reg]
  • The House’s Defense Policy Bill Could Codify Contractor Minimum Wage [GovExec]
  • White House updates acquisition, business of government priorities [FCW]
  • Settlement shows False Claims Act is no silver bullet for cybersecurity compliance [SCMag]
  • The Biden administration’s aggressive anti-trust approach includes federal contractors [FedNewsNet]
  • Contractors Sound Off on Troubled DOD Integration Money Pot [BBLaw]
  • Federal contractor to pay $9M to resolve cyber-related false claims case [FSW]
  • Video Interview Series: GovCon Expert Jim McAleese On What 1Q Contractor Financial Results Mean for Investors & Businesses [GovConwire]
  • PF 2022-36 Verification and Validation Delays prior to SAM registration [DoE]
  • State raises potential EVOLVE IT contract ceiling to up to $10B [FedScoop]