SmallGovCon Week in Review: April 26-30, 2021

If April showers bring May flowers, Lawrence, Kansas should be a kaleidoscope of color next week. The rain was so heavy at one point our street became a river for a few hours. The sun is shining today, however, and you can almost see the grass growing. It’s time to fire up the lawn mower and the grill and enjoy the longer, warmer days.

Just like the weather, there have been a few changes in federal government contracting, this week. Here are a few newsworthy articles, including an update on minimum wage increases for federal contractors, a new loan program for restaurants, and updates on the President’s Made in America policies. Have a great weekend!

  • Biden to sign $15 minimum wage for federal contract workers [FedNewsNet]
  • US Department of Labor Recovers $500K in Back Wages for 68 Workers After Builder’s Failure to Ensure Subcontractors’ Compliance Leads to Violations [DOL]
  • SBA Administrator Guzman Announces Application Opening for $28.6 Billion Restaurant Revitalization Fund [SBA]
  • Biden administration wants government to be standard bearer for union relations [FedNewsNet]
  • Why GSA’s Schedule program might not be getting as much attention from vendors as it deserves [FedNewsNet]
  • Biden Names First ‘Made in America’ Office Director [GovExec]
  • Former federal CIO applauds additional TMF funding [FedScoop]
  • FCC explores ‘additional consequences’ for banned IT vendors to secure supply chains [FedNewsNet]
  • Executive Order on Increasing the Minimum Wage for Federal Contractors [WhiteHouse]
  • Qui Tam: The False Claims Act and Related Federal Statutes [CRS]