VA Replaces Annual SDVOSB Re-Verification With Two-Year System

The VA has enacted an interim final rule changing the re-verification requirement for SDVOSBs.  Currently, SDVOSBs must be re-verified annually, a process some service-disabled veterans have complained is unnecessary and unduly burdensome.

In the preamble to the rule, the VA writes that although it initially believed annual re-verification would be necessary, “in administering this program since February 2010, VA has concluded that an annual examination is not necessary to adequately maintain the integrity of the program and proposes a 2-year eligibility period.”  The VA notes that although formal re-verification will only be required every two years, SDVOSBs must continue to maintain ongoing program eligibility throughout their terms.

The amendment to the VA’s system has been released as an “interim final rule,” meaning that it is effective immediately, but subject to change.  Comments on the rule (which I would expect will be overwhelmingly positive) are due by August 27, 2012.

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