SDVOSB Indictment: Full-Time Postal Carrier Was SDVOSB “Rent-A-Vet”

The government has accused a service-disabled veteran who was employed full-time as a U.S. Postal Service Carrier is accused of being a “rent-a-vet” used to obtain contracts for his brother’s company.

According to a Department of Justice press release, a grand jury has indicted both men, as well as a business partner for SDVOSB fraud–and all three face the potential of significant jail time.

The indictment alleges that Jose Rosa-Colon, a service-disabled veteran, was employed full-time as a U.S. Postal Service Carrier.  His brother, Ivan Rosa-Colon, owned IRC Air Contractors.  According to the indictment, the brothers and a business partner established BELKRO General Contractors, claiming that it was a SDVOSB.

The indictment alleges that Jose Rosa-Colon was not in charge of the day-to-day operation of BELKRO.  Instead, he was a “rent-a-vet” being used for his service-disabled veteran status.  BELKRO received SDVOSB set-aside contracts from the VA.  The indictment alleges that BELKRO was a “pass-through” or front company for Ivan Rosa-Colon’s business, IRC Air Contractors.

The three men are charged with wire fraud and major fraud against the United States.  Each wire fraud charge carries a potential prison term of up to 20 years, and the major fraud charges up to 10 years.  Additionally, they face fines of up to $250,000.

As with any indictment, the charges against the Rosa-Colons and their partner are only allegations, and all three men are presumed innocent.

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