Happy Veterans Day From SmallGovCon

If you click the “service-disabled veteran-owned small businesses” tab on the right, you will find a list of SmallGovCon blog posts on CVE verification, affiliation, joint ventures, and the like.  And don’t let me stop you from reading; this is a legal blog, after all.

But before you scroll through the latest SBA OHA or GAO decision, take a moment to think about that phrase, which can be tossed around rather casually in the industry these days: “service-disabled veteran.”  Let’s not lose sight of the fact that, whether or not you are a veteran, the service-disabled veteran-owned small business program is worthy of our support because it is one small but important way for our country to say “thank you” to those who risked so much, and gave so much, on behalf of us all.

So, to my service-disabled veteran readers and my veteran readers: thank you.  And Happy Veterans Day.

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