After Successful 8(a) Appeal, Company Gains 8(a) Certification

Last month, I wrote about the successful 8(a) program appeal filed by Gearhart Construction Services.  In its decision, SBA OHA held that the SBA had misevaluated Gearhart on the “social disadvantage” factor, including by holding Gearhart to a too-high standard of proof.  SBA OHA ordered the SBA to correct its errors and take another look at Gearhart’s application.

Now I can report that Gearhart’s story has a happy ending.  On April 11, the SBA notified Gearhart that it had been admitted to the 8(a) program.  SBA OHA then dismissed Gearhart’s appeal as moot, because Gearhart and achieved its goal.

Sometimes, gaining admission to the 8(a) program requires tenacity and a continued belief in one’s case, even when the SBA’s 8(a) office has repeatedly denied the application.  Gearhart’s perseverance paid off, and the company now has nine years to reap the rewards.

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