A Note About Links to SBA OHA Decisions

Have you clicked on a link in one of my recent posts about a SBA Office of Hearings and Appeals case, only to be taken to the SBA OHA decision search page, rather than the decision itself?  No, it’s not because I am too lazy to find a direct link for you, but because the way in which SBA OHA publishes its decisions no longer allows for direct links.

I am not a fan of SBA OHA’s new publishing policy, but it obviously was not developed with bloggers in mind.  Oftentimes, the search page is as close as I can get you to a particular SBA OHA decision.  To find the decision, just enter the case name in the search box, or, if the decision was issued in the last few months, click on the “Most Recent Decisions” link on the right side of your screen.

Sometimes, I link to a full-text version of the SBA OHA decision published by Stan Hinton on his excellent website, stanhinton.com.  However, you should be aware–as Mr. Hinton mentions–that these versions of the SBA OHA decisions are unofficial, and may have been edited (usually to correct typos or other problems) before they were posted.  For the official version of any SBA OHA decision,  you should use the SBA OHA decision page.

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