Introducing GovCon Voices: A New SmallGovCon Feature

In the nearly five years (and almost 1,000 posts) since SmallGovCon began publishing, we’ve grown from a single-author blog written by yours truly, to a multi-author website featuring regular contributions from my colleagues here at Koprince Law LLC.

Growing our authorship base has allowed SmallGovCon to bring our readers expanded content that would have been very difficult for me to manage alone–like the 16 posts we wrote on the 2017 NDAA in little over a month. But as we continue to grow, I think it’s important that we also offer our readers expanded perspectives, as well.  After all, we lawyers aren’t the only ones with interesting things to say about government contracting law.  That’s why I’m excited to announce our new feature, GovCon Voices.

GovCon Voices will provide insights, opinions, and commentary from non-attorney thought leaders across the field of federal government contracting.  Our GovCon Voices contributors not only have a lot of insightful things to say, they’re probably quite a bit more entertaining than we are, too.

For our first GovCon Voices post, I’m very pleased to present the first in a three-part series from Guy Timberlake, called “The Good, the Bad, and the Just Plain Ugly Changes That Almost Were!”  Want to know which pieces of the proposed 2017 NDAA were “just plain ugly” for small businesses?  Guy has some candid commentary (spiced up with movie quotes and graphics)–and an important warning for small businesses to help ensure that some truly terrible ideas that “almost were” don’t find their way into future legislation.

Whether you’re a longtime SmallGovCon reader or just finding your way here for the first time, I think you’ll find GovCon Voices to be informative, entertaining and insightful.  Go read Guy’s piece, check back here soon for more posts from Guy and other thought leaders, and thank you for reading SmallGovCon.