GovCon Voices: A Culture of Compliance

When we talk about the federal contracting industry, one of the first things that comes to mind is compliance.  We are an overly regulated industry with a ton of laws to abide by, FAR changes to keep up with, legislation of which we need to stay on top.  None of it is particularly easy or straightforward, and it sometimes takes experts to keep your organization in compliance.  In short, no one can claim they are 100% compliant, nor can they claim to know everything with regards to this industry, especially a GovCon CEO.  That’s the bad news.

The good news is that no one expects this of the CEO.  However, your attitude towards compliance goes a long way within the organization.  The example you set at the top will filter throughout the organization and will go a long way towards establishing and maintaining a company culture that follows the rules of this industry.  We all talk about making sure that the company is not on the front page of the Washington Post for getting into hot water with the law or for debarment.

How can you contribute to that as a CEO?
How can you build your organization to take it seriously?
How do you keep from bogging down the wheels of progress and allow the mission goals for you and your clients to be met?

Lead by example.  It sounds so easy, is in every leadership book, and is touted on every trending article on LinkedIn.  But ask yourself, who fills out your timesheet?  Do you throw 8 hours of your time into G&A and call it a day?  Do you have your admin fill out your timesheet?  Do you approve your direct reports?  Every GovCon has a timekeeping system that requires daily input and ultimately, signature submission and approval of direct reports time.

Do you travel according to JTRs and/or within the per diem rates?  Do you expect your folks to abide accordingly?  As a GovCon, you just don’t travel extravagantly. Ever.

Put your Money where your Mouth is.  How many emails from the Timekeeping Goon have you received?  Do you ever take the time to find out who the repeat offenders are and to speak with them about these transgressions?  Ever told your top sales person that they could have their pay docked or lose their jobs if they continue to be non-compliant?  It’s that type of discussion (and action) that shows that the company values compliance and takes it seriously.

Have you had your HR folks scrub through your labor categories and the folks associated with them…proactively?  Have you righted any salary discrepancies to ensure that your workforce is fairly and consistently paid according to skill set and experience?  These suggestions all are dictated by FAR compliance and laws, but in general, they emulate good advice.

Be the leader that the GovCon industry needs and keep your company on the front pages for the work you are contributing to this country; not for running afoul of the rules.

Stephanie Alexander, CEO and Founder

Stephanie Alexander has over 15 years’ experience providing leadership, management and problem solving to government contractors.  Stephanie has assisted businesses increase revenue, plan for manageable growth, and map successful strategies for expansion.

Because government contractors often spend most of their resources on business development, but need to strengthen their back office, Stephanie founded BOOST to provide accounting, contracts, HR, and recruiting services to GovCons. She designed this unique business model to provide scalable, customized services to meet the specific needs of GovCons.

In 2015, Stephanie and a partner founded govmates, a free business development tool for government contractors. Govmates is a proprietary database of government contractors seeking teaming partners to bid on opportunities.

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