New SmallGovCon Features: Upcoming Events and Past Presentations

Despite what you might think if you read SmallGovCon regularly, blogging is not my favorite way of communicating information about legal developments in the world of government contracting (although I do love blogging!)

Hands-down, I prefer getting out and meeting contractors and others in the industry, face-to-face.  That is why I travel around the country, speaking at industry days, conferences, and conventions.  In the past year alone, I have spoken at events from Annapolis to Seattle (and many places in between) and I have several more events on tap in the months to come.

To help readers keep up with my speaking schedule, I am pleased to announce that SmallGovCon now features an Upcoming Events page.  On this page, you can see where, when, and on what topic I will be speaking.  If I will be in your area, please do not hesitate to contact me in advance and we can arrange to get a cup of coffee, or sit down for a more formal meeting.

Now, I understand that unlike the Grateful Dead, I do not have legions of fans following me around the country.  So if you will not be able to attend one of my events, you can now view slides from the event after it occurs on the SmallGovCon Past Presentations page (assuming permission is granted by the event sponsor).

Please enjoy the new SmallGovCon features, and I hope to see you at an industry event soon.

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