Press Release: Koprince Law Names Shane McCall New Managing Partner

Koprince Law LLC, a boutique federal government contracts firm in Lawrence, KS, is pleased to announce that Shane McCall, editor of the SmallGovCon blog and author of “Procedures and Pitfalls of Size Protests and Appeals,” has been named Managing Partner. In addition, Nicole Pottroff and Haley Claxton have joined the firm’s leadership team as Senior Associate Attorneys.

Shane McCall has been with the firm since 2017 and has provided his colleagues and clients with exceptional service and perspective in the realm of federal government contracting. “This is a great opportunity to continue providing high quality legal services to our government contracting clients. I’m excited to build off the strengths of the firm and carry on the tradition of providing focused, efficient advice for federal contractors.”  

Shane has been practicing since 2010, and this experience allowed him to hit the ground running to quickly become an expert on federal contracting legal matters. He’s won success for clients on litigation matters such as GAO bid protests and size protests and appeals. He thoroughly enjoys advising clients on the murkier aspects of things like affiliation and joint venture workshare rules. The highest praise he’s received from a client is that he was able to explain something so clearly that a client questions why other lawyers can’t do it the same way.

He has been the editor of the well-respected legal blog since last year and has seen its readership accelerate in that time. Shane also recently published the Koprince Law LLC GovCon Handbook “Procedures and Pitfalls of Size Protests and Appeals.” He’s also been published in Contract Management Magazine and has spoken on federal contracting matters at various events and webinars. As Shane revealed, “I’m excited to take the next step and continue to grow the practice along with Nicole and Haley.” 

Nicole Pottroff has been with the firm since March 2018. In that time, she has succeeded in fighting for clients on matters ranging from highly contested GAO bid protests to complicated 8(a) Program applications and appeals. She also enjoys crafting a flawless document, such as a joint venture agreement, to meet a business’s particular needs. Her clients value her determination and passion in helping them meet their goals. “The world of government contracting could always use more strong female leadership. I am enthusiastic about joining Haley in filling that role. I have enjoyed working with her and Shane over the years and look forward to continuing to provide our clients with the very best service.”

Haley Claxton joined the firm in 2018 and has been an integral part of the Koprince Law team since day one. She’s succeeded in advocating for clients as part of numerous protests at GAO and in size and status protests before the SBA. She has used her skills in contract drafting and legal analysis to provide clients with thorough and thoughtful feedback and assistance. Haley is also the Social Media Director for the firm. “I look forward to continuing to zealously advocate for our clients in my new role,” explained Haley, “especially at this critical time for small businesses.”

Koprince Law will continue to provide effective and efficient legal services for its federal government contractors.

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