Event: The Basics of Small Business Limitations on Subcontracting and Nonmanufacturer Rule Compliance Webinar, Hosted by EPHCC

Koprince McCall Pottroff LLC presents a webinar hosted by EPHCC that covers two important topics in federal government contracting – Limitations on Subcontracting and the Nonmanufacturer Rule.

For small businesses and their teammates, few topics in government contracting are as confusing as the limitations on subcontracting for set-aside and socioeconomic sole source contracts.  And if that isn’t stressful enough, the “LoS” is an area of heavy enforcement: get it wrong, and a contractor can face major penalties. 

The nonmanufacturer rule is one that is commonly misunderstood in the federal government contracting realm. But it is also one we encounter quite often in our role assisting federal contractors.

On December 8, join me, Shane McCall, as I go over both of these important topics in plain English in a single webinar.

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