Coming Next Week: Koprince Law LLC’s New 8(a) Program GovCon Handbook!

The 8(a) Program is tremendously powerful and can be a springboard to massive success in the government contracts marketplace. But the many (many!) rules surrounding the 8(a) Program are complex, and even savvy 8(a) contractors–not to mention first-time applicants–easily can become confused.

I am pleased to announce that next week, Koprince Law LLC will publish a Second Edition of our popular GovCon Handbook on the 8(a) Program. In this revised, updated and expanded Handbook, my colleague Nicole Pottroff and I will cover the 8(a) Program’s rules in detail, including:

  • Social disadvantage
  • Economic disadvantage
  • Net worth
  • Income
  • Good character
  • Potential for success
  • Unconditional ownership
  • Direct ownership
  • Unconditional control
  • Special rules for Indian tribes, ANCs and NHOs
  • The 8(a) application process
  • Excessive withdrawals
  • Contingent fees
  • “Once 8(a), always 8(a)”
  • 8(a) contract eligibility
  • Limitations on subcontracting
  • Joint ventures

And, if you can believe it, much more! Like all of our GovCon Handbooks, our 8(a) Handbook is written in plain English (not legalese) and packed with examples to illustrate key concepts. And at just $9.99 in print form and $6.99 for the Kindle version, the 8(a) Handbook is a great deal (though not quite as great a deal as that time a Shell station accidentally priced gas at one cent per gallon).

Keep an eye on SmallGovCon and our social media channels starting on Monday, February 22. We’ll let you know as soon as the 8(a) Handbook goes live!

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