SmallGovCon’s 500th Post: Thank You, Readers

Last week, SmallGovCon hit a milestone: the 500th post since the blog began publication in May 2012.

At the beginning, I wondered whether anyone would pay attention to a blog focusing exclusively on legal issues of interest to small government contractors.  I don’t wonder anymore.  According to Google Analytics, several hundred readers visit SmallGovCon each weekday–sometimes, many more than that.  Even if it weren’t for Google’s metrics, I would know that SmallGovCon has filled an important information gap from the comments I receive whenever I am on the road at industry events.  Many people I meet for the first time don’t know me yet, but they do know SmallGovCon.

I have been fortunate to write for a bright, articulate audience of contractors and industry professionals.  Yes, that means you.  So whether you are a first-time reader or long-time follower, thank you for reading SmallGovCon.  A blog is nothing without its readers, and I am honored–and humbled–to be read by you.

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