Happy Veterans Day From SmallGovCon

In the movies, the heroes are often loud and brash.  But in real life, the heroes I know are, almost without fail, extraordinarily modest.

Veterans don’t tend to boast about their accomplishments on the battlefield, and they don’t expect sympathy for the sacrifices they made.  Instead, they pursue their post-military careers with the same work ethic, determination and honor that are hallmarks of our military.  It is little wonder that many of my most successful clients are veteran-owned small businesses.

Veterans are extraordinarily modest.  They don’t ask for, or expect, a “thank you.”  But that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve one.  If you are a veteran, thank you very much for your service.  If you are not a veteran, take a moment today to thank the veterans in your life.

To all, Happy Veterans Day.

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