FAR Ethics Training

FAR ethics training can help you and your employees understand the important FAR ethics rules you must follow when performing federal government contracts and subcontracts.

Following the FAR ethics rules rules is critical to succeeding as a government contractor.  In addition, a documented record of thorough FAR ethics training can help demonstrate that your company takes the FAR ethics rules seriously, giving you a reputation as an honest and compliant contractor.

If your company is looking for FAR ethics training, Koprince Law LLC can help.

FAR Ethics Training Services

Koprince Law can provide your company with complete FAR training and FAR ethics plan services, including detailed and thorough training on:

  • The False Claims Act
  • Federal bribery, gratuity and gift restrictions
  • Kickbacks
  • Contingent fees
  • Lobbying restrictions
  • Much more

FAR Codes of Ethics and System of Internal Controls

The FAR states that all contractors should have a written code of ethics, but does not tell contractors what to include.  Koprince Law can prepare a thorough, comprehensive and effective code of ethics for your company, including such things as:

  • Your company’s ethical mission statement
  • Prohibitions on particular unethical activities
  • A policy of internal and external disclosure
  • Disciplinary action to be taken against those who commit violations
  • Employee acknowledgement of receipt
  • Much more
On top of an ethics code, the FAR requires all contractors to put in place a separate business ethics and compliance program and system of internal controls.  Koprince Law can help ensure that your system of internal controls meets (and exceeds) the FAR requirements.

Get Started with Ethics Training

To find out more about Koprince Law’s FAR ethics training services, contact us at (785) 200-8919 or by email at info@koprince.com.