Section 809 Panel Achieves $1 Coin Clause Removal

If, like us, you spend your days reading through the FAR, you might suppose that there are opportunities to streamline the regulations. Congress agreed, at least for DOD acquisitions, and as part of the 2016 National Defense Authorization Act, created the Section 809 panel, an independent advisory panel on streamlining acquisition regulations. The panel is working to improve many aspects of acquisitions law, including, as we’ve written about, the definition of subcontract.

A recent, small (but helpful) recommendation was the elimination of a FAR clause involving the $1 coin.

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Late Solicitation Amendment Requires Cancellation Only If “Substantial”

An agency may amend a solicitation after the deadline for receiving offers, so long as the amendment is not “so substantial as to exceed what prospective offerors reasonably could have anticipated” in submitting offers under the original solicitation.

This rule, which is codified at FAR 15.206(e), was at issue in a recent GAO bid protest decision, in which the GAO held that the amendment merely clarified the original solicitation and thus did not require cancellation.

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R U Compliant? FAR Bans Texting While Driving

Working on a government contract?  Put down that cell phone, at least when you are in the car.   In case you didn’t realize it, the FAR essentially bans texting while driving (although what penalties you might face for violating this policy, if any, are unclear).

Under FAR 23.1105 and FAR 52.223-18, which is to be included in every contract, a government contractor “should” adopt and enforce a policy banning texting whenever an employee is: (1) driving a vehicle owned or rented by the company; (2) driving a vehicle owned by the government; or (3) driving a privately owned vehicle when performing any work on behalf of the government.

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