Consulting and Speaking

Government contracts attorney Steven Koprince is a regular speaker and consultant on SBA size and affiliation issues, FAR compliance, SBA size protests and appeals, GAO bid protests, and other government contracting matters.

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

For information about Steven’s future speaking events, visit the upcoming events page.

Recent Speaking Engagements

Steven’s recent speaking engagements include:

  • “Joint Venturing and Teaming on Federal Government Contracts.”  North Carolina Small Business and Technology Development Center, Charlotte, NC & Greensboro, NC.
  • “The Concept of Responsibility in Federal Government Contracting.”  Association of Procurement Technical Assistance Centers, Seattle, WA.
  • “Go, Team! Creating Compliant Prime/Subcontracting Teams on Small Business Set-Aside Procurements.” Industry Day, Oklahoma City, OK.
  • “The Ins and Outs of Joint Venture Agreements.” DoD Mid-Atlantic Regional Council, Annapolis, MD.
  • “The HUBZone Program: Six Myths Debunked.” DoD Mid-Atlantic Regional Council, Annapolis, MD.
  • “Government Contracts Legal Update: What’s New, What’s on the Horizon, and What It Means for Your Small Business.” Idaho Business Opportunity Conference, Boise, ID.
  • “Joint Venturing, Teaming and Subcontracting” Midwest Small Business Procurement Symposium, Moline, IL.
  • “Are You a Small, Women-Owned, 8(a)/SDB, SDVO or HUBZone Firm? Prepare for Change in 2011.” Alliance NW Conference, Puyallup, WA.
  • “Ethics in Government Contracting.” National Contract Management Association, Central Virginia Chapter.
Slides from some of Steven’s recent speaking events are available on the past presentations page.

Invite Steven Koprince to Speak at Your Event

Steven greatly enjoys meeting small government contractors and others in the industry, and is always happy to consider invitations to speak at industry events.  To inquire about Steven’s availability to speak at your event, contact him at 785-655-0450 or by email at

Government Contracts Training & Consulting

Government contracts attorney Steven Koprince provides individualized training and consulting services to federal government contractors.

SBA Size and Affiliation Consulting

Does your company have a SBA size standard problem?  The SBA size and affiliation rules can be complex and confusing, leading some companies to wonder whether they truly qualify as small.

Government contracts attorney Steven Koprince can help reduce your SBA affiliation risks by performing a top-to-bottom audit of your company’s ownership, management, and contractual relations.  Based on Steven’s experience with SBA size protests, SBA size appeals, and SBA size determinations, Steven can review your company’s size much like the SBA would, and offer you strategies to correct any size or affiliation problems, before they result in an adverse SBA size determination.

Find out more about Steven’s SBA size and affiliation consulting services.

Federal Acquisition Regulation Training

Complying with the Federal Acquisition Regulation is a “must” for any government contractor, but the FAR is more than 2,000 pages in printed form.  How can any business–particularly a small business–be expected to know all the rules?

Government contracts attorney Steven Koprince is the author of The Small-Business Guide to Government Contracts, a book explaining many of the most important FAR regulations and other rules government contractors must follow.  Based around the chapters in the book, and customized for your individual needs, Steven can provide your employees with the critical FAR training they require.

Organizational Conflict of Interest Training

Avoiding organizational conflicts of interest is essential to success as a government contractor, but sometimes, a written OCI mitigation plan may not be enough.  Government contracts attorney Steven Koprince can provide your employees with training on the FAR’s OCI restrictions, GAO and federal court case law interpreting those restrictions, and best practices and policies for avoiding, neutralizing and mitigating OCIs.

Giving your employees formal OCI training not only helps avoid OCIs, but may help demonstrate to procuring agencies that your business takes its OCI obligations very seriously.

Find out more about Steven’s Organizational Conflict of Interest training.

FAR Ethics Training

The FAR imposes many ethical restrictions on contractors, from kickbacks to contingent fees to gifts.  Government contracts attorney Steven Koprince can provide FAR ethics training to your employees, helping them understand their ethical obligations–and helping your company demonstrate to the government that it is fully committed to FAR ethics compliance.  And if your company requires a formal FAR ethics plan, Steven can help you draft and implement one.

Find out more about Steven’s FAR ethics training.

Service Contract Act Training

Does your company perform services for the federal government?  If so, the Service Contract Act probably applies to you.  Through Service Contract Act training sessions, Government contracts attorney Steven Koprince can help you decipher your Service Contract Act obligations, from identifying which employees are covered by the Service Contract Act to determining how much you must offer those employees in terms of wages, fringe benefits, vacation time, and paid holidays.

Davis-Bacon Act Training

If you are a construction contractor for the federal government, the Davis-Bacon Act likely applies to your work.  Through Davis-Bacon Act training sessions, Government contracts attorney Steven Koprince can help you meet your Davis-Bacon Act obligations, from identifying which employees are covered by the Davis-Bacon Act to determining which worksites count for Davis-Bacon Act purposes.

Begin Your Government Contracts Training

To find out more about Steven Koprince’s government contracts training and consulting services, contact Steven at 785-655-0450 or by email at