SmallGovCon Week in Review: July 22 – 26, 2019

We’ve been enjoying summer out here in Lawrence. And many of our Koprince professionals are taking a little time to themselves for summer vacation. We hope our readers are able to do the same thing! Whether you’re getting back from a vacation or working regular hours, here’s our weekly roundup of interesting news from the federal government contracting to keep you updated on what’s been happening lately.

This week in the federal government contracting world, there is some interesting news, including updates on streamlined approaches to IT acquisition for GSA and DOD, the shutdown of the contracting department at Health and Human Services that did work for other agencies, and challenges facing small business contractors in the federal marketplace.

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SmallGovCon Week in Review: July 15 – 19, 2019

We’ve been getting a lot of the dreaded “Excessive Heat Warnings” this week. If you’re in the same boat, please stay cool out there. An alternative to going outside could be staying in the air conditioning and reading up on some interesting government contracting news.

This week in federal government contracting news, please check out noteworthy updates on cyber provisions in the NDAA, securing the supply chain, and possible changes to Buy-American rules for steel, as well as many other stories.

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SmallGovCon Week in Review: July 1 – 12, 2019

I hope you all enjoyed your Fourth of July and celebrated the things you love about our country. My in-laws live outside the city limits, so around these parts the Fourth also means shooting off fireworks (in a safe manner of course).

Because of the holiday, we’re offering you a rare double feature of news about government contracting–2 weeks in 1! So sit back and enjoy.

Some of the interesting news this week includes updates on an alleged email scheme involving a phony contracting officer, NIST draft guideline for developing artificial intelligence technical standards, and contractor supply chain liabilities.

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SmallGovCon Week in Review: June 24 – 28, 2019

Lately, my kids have been asking me to “do the honors” when they ask me to do something. At first, I thought this was a cute and very polite way to ask for something. Then I realized they were going to use it for everything. Will you do the honor of getting me some water? Will you do the honor of starting a show for us? It started to get kind of old and make me feel not so honorable. But their intention was good.

So, with that inspiration, will you do the honor of reading this week’s round-up of government contracting news? Interesting stories abound, including some about new cyber security guidance, the safety records of military construction contractors, and the use of “best-in-class” contracts.

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SmallGovCon Week in Review: June 17 – 21, 2019

As government contracts attorneys, we find even the mundane aspects of federal contracting law (for example, CAGE codes) pretty interesting and important. But a recent FBI warning detailed in one of the stories from this weeks reminds us all that government contractors are crucial to the safety and well-being of the nation.

As reported in the story, the FBI has warned contractors “about foreign intelligence services using social media accounts to target and recruit employees with US government clearance.” The FBI warns that “US adversary intelligence officers are using popular US-based social media platforms to identify, recruit, and conduct operations against USG clearance holders, to include private sector employees or contractors supporting the USG.” This is a good reminder of the high stakes involved in working for the government.

Read on for this story and other interesting government contracting news, such as updates on a bill for back pay for contractors during the government shutdown, making cyber security an allowable cost, and a hack that exposed thousands of license plate numbers.

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SmallGovCon Week in Review: June 10 – 14, 2019

Welcome to another addition of SmallGovCon’s week in review. While you might be on vacation (and feel free to wait to read this until you get back), the world of government contracting spins on.

In this week’s edition, there are some interesting updates including paying back wages to federal government contractors who were not paid during the government shutdown, merging OPM with the General Services Administration and the latest in space contracting.

Have a great weekend!

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SmallGovCon Week in Review: June 3 – 7, 2019

Now that it’s summer, it means means hot weather, farmer’s markets, baseball, barbecues and all the other things on the summer bucket list. We hope you’re enjoying your summer!

This week, we share some interesting federal government contracting stories with you including new contracting initiatives at the Departments of Energy and Health and Human Services, a few bad behaving contractors getting sentenced for fraud and bribery and where to find several June contracting conferences.

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